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Amman Chamber of Commerce forum tackles tax policies in Jordan


In collaboration with USAID-funded Fiscal Reform Project, the Amman Chamber of Commerce hosted today a Public Private Dialogue forum on international best practice in tax policy and administration in the Jordanian context.

The discussion, attended by experts in fiscal and tax policy, representatives of the business community and members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, focused on comprehensive tax reform as well as the pillars of international best practice in tax policies, which are based on justice, neutrality, free competition, simplicity and progressivity.

"We recognize the importance of tax reform in Jordan as traders and members of the Amman Chamber of Commerce. These forums provide an opportunity for the private sector, with all its sectors, to participate in the discussion on tax policies in the country. We are always ready to host these discussions amongst key stakeholders," noted Tarek Tabbaa, a member of the Amman Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors.

“Given the prominence of the debate on tax policies in Jordan’s public and private sectors, it is crucial to have an open and interactive dialogue with Jordan’s business leaders and members of the Amman Chamber of Commerce, to exchange views as well as lessons learned in Jordan’s tax system and how it is connected to Jordan’s fiscal and economic stability,” said Fadi Daoud Deputy Chief of Party of the Fiscal Reform Project.

The Jordan Fiscal Reform Project is one of USAID’s leading programs in Jordan. Focused on supporting the Government of Jordan’s economic and fiscal reform process, the project aims to improve the macroeconomic foundation for sustainable economic growth by strengthening fiscal policy formulation, implementation and public financial management. One of the key components of the project is improving revenue mobilization through strengthening tax administration and advancing tax reform.


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