Chamber President's Speech

In the name of God and with his success, we begin a new stage in the Amman Chamber of Co

mercer's journey, entitled the merchant with the highest priority and the

focus of attention, a stage in which consideration will return to the merchant by strengthening the chamber’s role in issues of economic concern, especially with regard to laws, instructions and regulations that affect the business of the commercial sector.

The time has come for the Amman Chamber of Commerce, which is considered the mother of the Jordanian Chambers of Commerce, to take its hopeful role in harnessing all possibilities to serve the merchant, especially in light of the circumstances and challenges he faces and cast a shadow over the trade movement throughout the Kingdom, which requires the development of creative solutions that ease the burdens and pave the way for the return of life to the markets. commercial.

The new board of directors of the chamber has taken upon itself to develop a clear vision for all the challenges facing the commercial and service sectors, each separately, to reach a clear strategy to address the obstacles through partnership with various ministries and official institutions, based on the council’s belief in the imperative that the partnership between the two sectors is based on the interest of the national economy It should be real and translated on the ground in a way that contributes to facilitating the work of the economic sectors.


The Chamber’s board of directors will bear all its pledges to advance the commercial sector in the capital Amman, and will work to implement the involvement of the members of the General Authority and enhance their presence in drawing the future of the Chamber and building on the previous achievements, in addition to expanding the services provided to the commercial, service and agricultural sectors and providing all means of support to unions and associations To be a real companion to the Chamber and a third arm to achieve gains and confront any decisions and instructions that may affect the sector's business.

The Board of Directors of the Amman Chamber of Commerce believes in the necessity of unifying the commercial sector and that there should be the involvement of the General Authority, trade unions and associations in the decisions and the formation of advisory and sectoral councils and activating their role. .

The Chamber’s Board of Directors affirms its total rejection of marginalizing the role of the Amman Chamber of Commerce or compromising the r


ights of traders during the discussion of laws, legislation and issues of economic concern. The Council believes in partnership with the public sector for the public interest.

We hope that this year will witness a breakthrough in the various economic sectors and move forward in supporting the process of building Jordan.