Signature Authentication Service


Instructions and Required Documents:

First: The Amman Chamber of Commerce shall certify the authenticity of the signatures of those authorized to sign in administrative matters on behalf of the company or organization on the documents and letters issued by those companies or organizations.

1-   The organization/company must have paid its annual subscription to the Chamber.

2-    The document to be authenticated must be signed by the person administratively authorized to sign on behalf of the organization/ company according to the commercial register, provided that this signature is direct and identical to the signature model kept in the Chamber's records.

3-    This document shall be one of the documents related to the organization or company registered with the Chamber.

 Second: This service is granted in exceptional and specific cases to any sole organization and/or company, which has not paid its annual subscription fee with the Chamber and/or whose commercial registration has been duly deleted with the Ministry, (provided that the letters or documents to be authenticated are issued by the institution/company during the period of its operation or registered with the Chamber, and signed by a direct signature and identical to the signature model saved in the member's file of the person administratively authorized to sign on behalf of the organization or company).


 Procedures for obtaining the service:

1- Obtain the number from the automated queuing system.

2- Submit the required documents.

3- Enter the service into the computer system.

4- Pay the service fee.    

5- Receive the document certified and stamped with the official seal of the Chamber.

 Location where the Service is Provided:

- Membership Section of the Department of Member Services in the Chamber.

- The Chamber's Office at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply.


Prescribed Fees:

1- The capital of the company/organization is five thousand dinars or more: The fee is four dinars.

2- The capital of the company/organization is less than five thousand dinars: The fee is two dinars.

3- Individuals or [a member with an inactive file (not paying the annual subscription fee of the Chamber upon service request) or with a deleted file]: The fee is four dinars.