The Service of Issuing an Additional or Authentic Copy of the Certificate of Origin or the Invoice


Instructions and Required Documents:

First: Submit a written request signed by the administrative authorized signatory for the company or organization.

Second: Bring the original copy of the required document, an exact copy. If that is not possible, the file for saving transactions will be referred to, and a copy of that file is copied.

Third: Provide the original bank/documentary credit in which the auditor requests the additional copy (s) of the required certificate of origin or a certified copy (s) from the same bank.

Procedures for Obtaining the Service: 

1. Review the member services inquiry counter so that the auditor can take a number to make the transaction.

2. The competent employee will receive the transaction. The certificate of origin and the invoice are compared to the copies kept by the Chamber, and the signature and date of the required document are verified.

3. The auditor pays the prescribed fee to the competent employee, and then the transaction is submitted for signature and sealed with the official seal of the Chamber.

4. Submit the transaction to the auditor.

Location where the service is provided:

Certificates of Origin Section - Member Services Department. 

Prescribed Fees:

1-   The capital of the company/organization is five thousand dinars or more: The fee is four dinars for each copy.

2-   The capital of the company/organization is less than five thousand dinars: The fee is two dinars for each copy.

3-   Individual (not registered): The fee is four dinars for each copy.