Membership Card Issuance Service



First: The membership card is issued to Jordanian and non-Jordanian traders who own individual organizations and/or corporate partners who are members of the General Assembly of the Chamber who renew their annual subscriptions for a minimum capital (his establishment) of five thousand Jordanian dinars (regardless of his share in the company/organization's capital).

Second: Membership cards are issued to the holders of the following positions in limited liability companies, private joint stock companies, public shareholding companies, and foreign companies operating in Jordan:

1-   General Manager/Deputy General Manager of the Company.

2-   Chairman of the Board of Directors/Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company.

3-   Chairman of the Board of Directors/Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company.

4-   Member of the Board of Directors/Member of the company's Board of Directors.

5-   Company representative for foreign companies operating in Jordan.

6-   A membership card may be issued to persons listed in Article II who are registered with the Chamber in Jordanian free zone companies, in Jordanian development zones, within the Greater Amman Municipality area, or in municipalities within the capital area [who obtain a five-year professional license, provided that the person concerned is still practicing work in these areas, his registration has not been removed, and that his subscription has been (renewed) with these bodies] 

Third: The concerned person must appear in person before the concerned employee to issue the card and sign the relevant form with a direct signature when requesting the card for the first time. The Director General of the Chamber (or his deputy in the event of his absence) may take the signature of the authorized signatory on behalf of the institution/company without the applicant being present to obtain the card in specific and justified exceptional cases and based on each individual case. When requesting the renewal of the card on the following occasions, the concerned person must fill out the card form duly signed by him or by the person duly authorized to sign for the institution/company with a direct signature on the form if his signature is previously preserved in the Chamber's records.

Fourth: It is necessary to retrieve the expired card when submitting a request to renew the card (if possible).

Fifth: In order to issue a card (replacement for lost or damaged cards), it is required to obtain a written and signed letter from the owner of the lost card stating that it has been lost, directly with the employee concerned with the renewal process.

Sixth: The same applies to holders of a Jordanian temporary passport as applies to Jordanian citizens in terms of issuing a card.

Seventh: The service is paid through the active member file that renews the annual subscription fees for the current year when the card service is disbursed.

Eighth: The Director General of the Chamber (or his representative in the event of his absence) may approve the issuance of the card to merchants who are members of the General Assembly (non-Jordanians) who have expired passports, or who are unable to renew their passports (within exceptional cases and based on each individual case).

Ninth: Membership Card Validity:

It is valid from the date of issuance until 31/12 of the same year.

Required Documents: 

The service recipient must present the following documents when completing the application form for issuing a membership card: 

1-   Bring the original professional license to the institution or company registered with the Chamber valid for the current year; or provide the competent employee in the Chamber with the valid profession license number to inquire and verify it through the Greater Amman Municipality website to print it.

2-   The valid original ID issued by the Civil Status Department for Jordanian applicants; the valid original passport for non-Jordanian applicants. For those who do not have a valid passport upon application, the original valid residence card issued by the Ministry of Interior, or a valid driver's license issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department (for non-Jordanians) may be presented as an alternative to the passport and a copy of it is made.

3-   One recent personal photo of the card applicant. 

Procedures for obtaining the service:

1-   Obtain a number from the automated queuing system.

2-   Provide the required documents.

3-   Enter the service on the computer system.

4-   Pay the service fee.

5-   Receive the membership card.

Location where the service is provided: The Membership Section of the Chamber's Member Services Department.

Prescribed fees: Ten dinars.