Facsimile Service 



First: The Amman Chamber of Commerce provides the service of a facsimile copy of the documents that were stamped with the official seal of the Chamber to any individual organization and/or company, provided that the establishment has paid its annual subscription fees with the Chamber.

Second: The service is paid without showing the original document if this document is available in the Chamber's records.

Required Documents:

Submit a written request signed by the person/persons administratively authorized by the organization or company, and/or show the original document to which the service is to be paid.  

Procedures for obtaining the service:

1-   Get the number from the automated parking system.

2-   Provide the required documents.

3-   Enter the service into the computer system.

4-   Pay the service fee.

5-   Receive the document stamped with the official seal of the Chamber.

Location where the Service is Provided:

-         The Membership Section of the Chamber's Member Services Department.

-         The Chamber's Office at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply.

Prescribed Fees:

1- The capital of the company/organization is five thousand dinars or more: The fee is four dinars.

2- The capital of the company/organization is less than five thousand dinars: The fee is two dinars.