Service to Update Contact Details for Members



The service of updating the contact details of the members aims to provide benefit from the services provided by the Chamber and to inform the members of the Chamber of the most important circulars and reports received by the Chamber from the official bodies by updating the channels and means of communication kept by the Chamber. 

Instructions and Required Documents:

First: The service of updating contact information in the Member Services Department in the Chamber building or at the Chamber's offices in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply and the Ministry of Investment, as follows:

1-   Fill out the contact information update form or submit a written request signed by the authorized person/persons authorized to sign administratively on behalf of the institution or company.

2-   Resend the form after it is signed by the administratively authorized person of the organization/company in one of the following ways. 

·       Direct delivery to service delivery offices, which are: The membership section of the Chamber's Member Services Department, the Chamber's office at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, and the Chamber's office at the Ministry of Investment.

·     Fax no.: 065653609

·     E-mail: 

Second: Electronic update service for members' contact details: 

This service allows you to modify the contact details of members through the Chamber's website directly without having to go to the Chamber’s offices. Click here to view the service.

Prescribed Fees:

No charges are applied for the service of updating the contact details of members.